An innovative and proactive senior marketing professional with a

creative approach to problem solving. 

I work with businesses with a persistent and flexible approach to achieve business plans and produce long-term and sustainable business growth by ensuring that you have a consistent marketing strategy and a realistic marketing plan you can execute against. 

As a person love to learn new things and often set myself impossible challenges - whether that’s learning new languages, trying new things, or conquering fears by jumping in at the deep end. 

I work contracting in-house or remotely as Jo Lennon Marketing. From managing creative projects for Sage’s Global Brand Team to working with smaller businesses such as Engineering firms, Architects, Designers, Retailers and Services on projects from brand and messaging strategy, to marketing planning and the management of marketing projects and activities. 

When it comes to marketing we all know that you only get out what you put in. Marketing is most effective when it is a planned stream of continuous activity, but keeping it going can be time-consuming. I believe that marketing strategy and planning isn't about having a great document which sits on a shelf and is revised once a year. The best marketing strategy is one which is integrated into a business's development plans, goals and vision - the activities are owned by the team and it's reviewed, tweaked and measured to ensure it's delivering for your business. 


With additional support on-hand you can be reassured that the basics are taken care of, planned and executed on schedule, measured and reported to support your objectives.  


Best of all... my time is flexible to suit your needs; whether you need support for 2 weeks, 2 months or even just an hour a day, it's about having the right support to help you meet your targets.  

I cover a range of marketing activities designed around what you need, from the initial strategy and planning stages to social media management, copy writing, events management or if you need it -  just coordinating the mix of activities you already have planned. I work with a great range of North East experts to support your projects, from website developers and design agencies to printers and event suppliers so we can work together to manage your project as one. 

To find out how I can help just send me a note using the form below or give me a call. 

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